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The spring is not in place and the cause of failure.

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 Today, Jiusheng spring manufacturers take you to understand the reason why the spring is not in place and the failure.


The inventor of the spring should be strictly a British scientist Robert Hooke. Although helical compression springs had appeared and were widely used at that time, Hook proposed "Hook's law"-the elongation of springs The magnitude of the force is proportional to this principle. In 1776, a spring scale using a helical compression spring was introduced. Soon, springs made specifically for watches and clocks based on this principle were also invented by Hook himself. The spring that complies with "Hook's Law" is the real spring. With the advancement of human technology, springs have been applied to various fields.



The spring is not in place and the cause of failure


In actual work, we often encounter that the spring cannot push the moving object to the set position, which means that the calculated free length of the spring becomes shorter. The main reason is that there is no initial compression treatment, that is, a manufactured spring is compressed with a large force to its compressed height or parallel height (if necessary), and it cannot be restored to its original after release. Of free length operation. The amount of shortening is called "initial compression". Generally, after repeating 3-6 times of compression, the length is no longer shortened, that is, the spring is "positioned". After initial compression, the spring is permanently deformed.


In actual work, even if the compression spring is subjected to a force beyond the elastic limit of the material, it should be able to maintain its working length. Therefore, spring precautions The length of the finished spring should be equal to the calculated length of the spring plus the initial compression, to avoid the spring from being in place, so as to avoid dangerous stress when the coil is tightened, resulting in abnormal and abnormal spring indicating line. During the heat treatment process of the finished spring, especially after the hardening and tempering process, the workpiece must be placed horizontally (horizontal) in the furnace to prevent the spring from being shortened due to its own weight and the operation not in place.


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