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Analysis of the causes of insufficient spring force and fracture of compression springs.

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 Compression springs are made of spring steel and are used to control the movement of mechanical parts, mitigate shock or vibration, and store. The spring deforms under the action of external force. When the external force is eliminated, the spring can restore its state. Many tools and devices are reset using the characteristics of the spring. During use, the elasticity of the hardware compression spring was found to be insufficient or broken. What are the reasons? The following editors of Jiusheng spring manufacturers list the following simple analysis:



First of all, the compression spring will show the cause of insufficient elasticity during use.


1. The design and production parameters are unreasonable: only pay attention to the parameters such as outer diameter, inner diameter and length, and often ignore the size of the cross-sectional area and pitch of the wire, resulting in insufficient flexibility;


2. The selection of standard springs is unreasonable: the selection of lighter load types cannot bear the heavier loads, resulting in insufficient sensory elasticity;


3. The quality grade of the spring is wrong: the general spring adopts high-quality spring or imported spring, and the sensory elasticity is insufficient;


4. If the operating temperature exceeds the specified temperature, the elasticity will decrease or even lose;


5. The spring wire itself is soft, or the spring quenching temperature is low or the holding time is not long enough, or the tempering temperature after the spring is formed is too high, and the time is long, resulting in tensile and compressive strength but insufficient elasticity.



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Second, the reason why the compression spring breaks during use


1. The mandrel is too small or the spring is placed horizontally, and the spring and mandrel are worn and broken;


2. The mandrel is too small, the assembly surface is not flat, and the parallelism of the positioning surfaces at both ends is poor, which will cause compression and distortion of the spring, resulting in local high pressure and breakage.


3. The mandrel is too short and there is no chamfer at the end, which will cause friction and wear between the spring and the mandrel and break.


4. Foreign matter is mixed between the mechanical spring coils to reduce the actual number of effective coils and generate high stress to break them;


5. The hardware compression spring bends after being used in series, exceeds the length of the mandrel or counterbore, or breaks due to the slight difference of the metal spring itself, resulting in a weak bearing capacity and a large compression amount;


6. Use of more than the maximum compression to generate high-efficiency stress to break the spring;


7. The mechanical spring material is not uniform, or excessive impurity content causes stress concentration and fracture;


8. Excessive combustion, corrosion, high hardness and excessive long-term compression of the hardware compression spring will reduce its tensile and compressive strength, resulting in fracture.


Ok, the above is the analysis of the reasons why the compression springs have insufficient elasticity and breakage. If you need a spring, please call us! !

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