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How to avoid corrosion damage of spring in use.

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Springs are very common in our daily life. It is difficult to avoid the use of corrosive gas in the environment of harmful gases during the use of the spring. Therefore, the spring must have good corrosion resistance to ensure its normal use. So, how can springs avoid corrosion during use?

Jiusheng spring manufacturers tell us that oxidation treatment can be used to form an oxide film on the surface of the spring steel wire, which can prevent the corrosion of gas. Oxidation treatment can reduce the friction of the spring. The spring will undergo repeated expansion and compression during use, which will cause friction with the spring chamber, which is also the reason for the premature failure of the spring.



After the spring is oxidized, the tiny pores in the oxide film can store oil, which can play a good lubricating role, and the oxide film also has good thermal protection ability to prevent premature failure of the spring. The spring has been oxidized, and after many experiments, no fractures have occurred, which can indicate that the oxidation treatment can increase the service life of the spring to a certain extent.

In the process of using the spring, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the spring to prevent its corrosion and other phenomena, so that the spring can be used longer.

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